An estimated 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to water and wastewater service. That means water sector utilities have a huge opportunity to be leaders in mitigating our climate crisis. These actions include harnessing the power of nature-based solutions, improving and expanding wetlands and tree canopy, utilizing cleaner energy sources, improving operational efficiencies, and helping customers do more with less water waste.

UK Water has been mobilizing companies around the world to decarbonize water and wastewater service. The international Race to Zero campaign includes companies, utilities, and organizations pledging to deliver net zero (no carbon emissions) water services for customers by 2030.

Hey U.S., let’s do this too! Help send governments a resounding signal that businesses, cities, regions, and investors are united in transforming our approach to water and wastewater services by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a more inclusive and resilient economy. Let’s be part of the solution-join today.