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    Collaboration, resiliency, and peace through water.

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    Empowering communities for a brighter future.

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    Water stewardship starts with you.

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    The Water Sector is on the front lines of Earth’s changing climate.

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Collaboration, Resiliency, and Peace through Water

Waterwell is a planning and strategy firm with a collaborative approach to addressing the complex challenges of water management today. We focus on bringing people together to ensure water-related projects, plans, and policies are holistic, inclusive, and supportive of people and our planet.


Waterwell offers a variety of services to a range of clients, across all disciplines and focus within the water sector.

Facilitation + Communication

Waterwell facilitates engagements and experiences for organizations, educators, and communities.
  • Facilitated Meetings
  • Stakeholder Engagements
  • Keynotes + Presentations
  • Lectures + Academic Teaching
  • Podcasts + Interviews
  • Workshops
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Consulting + Project Management

Waterwell provides project partnering, management, and consulting services to the broad water sector.
  • Project + Program Design
  • Strategic Planning + Vision
  • Plan + Policy Development
  • Technical + Creative Writing
  • Original Research
  • Thought Leadership
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Volunteer Advising + Public Service

Waterwell engages in pro bono advising and volunteering aimed at ensuring a just water future for all.
  • Publication Review
  • Project Advising
  • Thought Leadership Support
  • Event Organization
  • Board Membership
  • Original Research
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Selected Projects

The Well

Throughout history wells were a place where people gathered to collect water, share information, and build community. Similarly, Waterwell’s Well is our home for the exchange and celebration of water-related information, creativity, and news.